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85) GreybearMH


2010-07-09 10:43:42
Geniale Bilder, wunderschön in Szene gesetzt. Mein Kompliment. LG Greybear
84) Chris Holsinger


2010-06-23 05:20:51
I have secretly been a huge fan of yours for a couple of years now. You have an eye for beauty That I certainly haven't seen anywhere else. And your attention to detail really brings your images to life. such expression and mysticism in everything that I see from you. Thank you, I don't have much, but where can I donate? I'm not a 3D artist, but I do appreciate your work. Thank you
83) cosplay costumes



2010-05-31 06:56:27
An interesting site!Smile
82) ChetKmau

2010-05-26 20:48:03
Being a kind of person that can only draw a rectangle or circle, I always get amazed by the work of those that are gifted for much more than that. I take My hat down and bow slightly as a sign of respect that Y/you certainly deserve.
81) wedding dress



2010-05-11 05:44:39
Very good site.I will share it.Thank you!
80) Tiffany Jewelry



2010-05-10 10:39:22
This is a best site i ever seen! Thanx so much! I like it!
79) Jason Long



2010-05-04 23:08:07
Beautiful work; you have a gift.Smile Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.
78) The Critic


2010-03-05 22:13:56
I'll be honest with you....
77) Die Regenkoenigin


2010-02-08 15:08:48
Wundervolle Arbeiten, inspirierend und phantastisch zugleich!
76) The Chained Wolf


2010-02-02 21:55:10
Hi there,

I came across your gallery on DeviantArt yesterday. You're work is wonderful. I hope that you open up for commissions soon.
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