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75) levent



2009-10-08 19:37:54
i ve met your art work almost 4 years ago when i was surfing on the net and i havent find a chance to leave a comment about of your work. Smile

well i love your style, your point of view and designs. i hope you never lose this spirit Smile
74) Mental

2009-09-26 18:08:56
Well, I thought you were a man as well. Not so many people who can do art that I consider nice and I am captious, concerning art.

I have to say you doing a brilliant artwork. Girls which you depicting are almost ideal, very very beautiful chicks and outfits. Your fantasy is alike mine, although I cannot draw so perfectly, in fact I draw awful.

But you are great artist Nemain !
73) Heike


2009-08-28 18:58:51
sehr schöne arbeiten von dir!
bleib so kreativ denn es macht spaß
ab und an deine neuen ideen zu betrachten.
gruß heike
72) silentflower

2009-07-07 13:58:32
hi ravenwood

da kann ich mich meinen vorrednern nur anschliessen! super schicke pics die du da aus dem PC zauberst.Cool
vielleicht als anregung, damit wir frauen auch mal was mehr zu sabbern kriegen, ein paar schicke bilderchen, von den herren der schöpfung, oder paare. da haste bestimmt auch noch viele ideen parat ;o) Evil
in diesem sinne, mach weiter so!
liebe dunkelsonnige grüsse von der silent
71) Gaby Rasshofer


2009-07-02 22:53:50
Your pic´s are just great!
70) Reptilica


2009-07-02 20:54:40
Wow!..I love your pic´s!!! Evil
69) Peter


2009-07-02 11:48:01
Deine Arbeiten finde ich super schön mit Ausstrahlung die ich sehr intensiv finde
einfach nur toll
dafür ein dickes lob
Very Happy
68) alain


2009-05-10 10:17:30
i realy love all that you do from years,i also would like to find a book of your artwork and also like to know if you could sell clothes or avatars for the game "secondlife".
67) Woffie


2009-04-21 01:45:27
Even after all these years I see think your work is the BEST! *wags*

Thanks for all the inspiration and hidden stories in your work. Very Happy

66) Met


2009-02-27 12:23:56
your work is impressive!
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